ExeKiller — Coming 2025


Hunt bounties and survive the retrofuturistic western wasteland in ExeKiller, from developer Paradark Studio and published by Null Games. Coming in 2025.

In ExeKiller, you take on the role of a bounty hunter tasked with policing the barren lands that surround an alternate history version of New York, 1998. An ecological disaster has scoured the lands around the city, leaving them a desert plagued by outlaws and radiation storms. You’ll need to find your way through this post-apocalyptic landscape to track down your bounties and take them down - dead or alive.

Choice drives the gameplay in ExeKiller: you can accomplish your missions by talking through trouble, sneaking past it, or just shooting anything that moves. The open world environment can be navigated on foot or in your trusty hovercar, Appaloosa. But beware: dynamic weather, radioactive storms, and roving bandits will all try their best to impede your mission.

Still early in development, ExeKiller is coming to PC and consoles in 2025.

Learn more about ExeKiller on our game page, check out the Reveal Trailer or Gameplay Reveal Trailer to see it in action, and wishlist the game on Steam today!

We'll see you in 1998...