About Null

Null is a developer-friendly publisher of indie games for PC, Mac, and consoles.

We're part of a new wave of indie game publishers that put developers first. Our games treat players with respect, and our publishing agreement has some of the most developer-friendly terms there are. We partner with developers who share our vision, and, in exchange, we share their risk.

Many of us grew up exploring amazing digital worlds. But as we got older, we learned that the games industry isn't always fun. The creative people directly responsible for making great games are often treated the worst. In the world of indie games, the publishers have all the power and they know it. Contracts are often one-sided, as is the risk.

We think there's a better way. By partnering with developers and offering great terms, we believe they’ll make better games in a more sustainable way. At the end of the day, this is really all about the games. We've seen what the developer-unfriendly, crunch culture produces. It's time to see what happens when you treat developers and gamers with respect.

Who's Behind Null?

Null Founder Chris Wanstrath

Null was created by Chris Wanstrath, co-founder of GitHub. Created in 2007 as a side project, GitHub has grown into the world's largest developer platform with over 100 million users.

Chris served as GitHub's first CEO from 2008 to 2012, then again from 2013 until Microsoft acquired the company in 2018.

As a kid, Chris taught himself programming to make games. In high school he worked the register at GameStop and EBGames before moving to San Francisco at age 20 to work as a web developer on GameSpot.com.