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Founded in 2022, Null was created in the spirit of weekends spent losing yourself in a new world and late nights spent conquering enemies with your friends. We publish games that are fun and social, without battle passes or loot boxes. Our games treat players with respect, and our publishing agreement has the most developer-friendly terms there are. We partner with developers who share our vision, and, in exchange, we share their risk.

Are you working on a fun game and looking for a publisher? Pitch us and let's chat.

Available now in Early Access on Steam, Tape to Tape brings back fond memories of classics such as Mutant League Hockey, Super Baseball 2020, and NBA Jam — fantasy sports games that even non-sports fans can enjoy. A hockey game at its core, you'll take control of the worst team in an imaginary league filled with unforgettable characters and colorful teams. It's your job to build your roster, acquire new abilities, and ultimately win games as you turn your pack of misfits into world champions — or face defeat and go back to the drawing board. Either way, with its roguelite gameplay, you'll be back on the ice for more in no time!

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