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Founded in 2022, Null was created in the spirit of weekends spent losing yourself in a new world and late nights spent conquering enemies with your friends. We publish games that are fun and social, without battle passes or loot boxes. Our games treat players with respect, and our publishing agreement has the most developer-friendly terms there are. We partner with developers who share our vision, and, in exchange, we share their risk.

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Fans of Into The Breach, Advance Wars, or XCOM will be right at home in the world of Athena Crisis. This modern-retro turn-based strategy game presents a thrilling single-player campaign along with ranked and casual online multiplayer modes... with a twist! Actions undertaken in your game world can echo across to other players’ experiences, and vice versa - creating a dynamic, interconnected universe.

Complete with a map editor for those who love crafting custom worlds and a campaign editor for creating your own adventures, players can create, share, and play Athena Crisis maps and campaigns with friends or a vast online community, ensuring a constant stream of new challenges. Assemble your forces, defeat your foes, and secure victory across multiple changing worlds!

Athena Crisis is coming to Steam and mobile in 2024. Add it to your wishlist today!

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