Athena Crisis Is Available In Steam Early Access now!

By Matthew Rorie


Developer-friendly indie publisher Null Games announced today that Athena Crisis, a modern-retro turn-based strategy game, is bringing its Advanced Wars inspired gameplay into Steam Early Access today for $17.99, a 10% discount from the launch price. Athena Crisis players can also bring their battles into browsers such as Google Chrome and on handheld devices such as mobile phones and Steam Deck without having to purchase the game on each platform.

From solo developer Christoph Nakazawa of Nakazawa Tech, Athena Crisis places you in command of dozens of unique units ranging from a near-indestructible Super Tank to fantastical creatures and Bazooka Bears, which is exactly what it sounds like. Turn-by-turn, tile-by-tile, players must strategically navigate an eccentric cast of characters through waves of similarly diverse enemies - there’s no telling what they’ll bring to each battlefield.

Athena Crisis in Early Access comes packed with a gripping prequel single-player campaign, but is already brimming with additional content thanks to a full-blown map and campaign editor that lets players share their creations with an ever-growing online community. Those seeking challenges with friends and foes from afar - up to seven players - can also engage with ranked and casual online multiplayer modes.

Streamlined and snappy is the name of the game with Athena Crisis thanks to its clever development within Javascript, leading to a clean visual aesthetic and near instant load times. Another player-friendly feature stemming from Javascript is the seamless updates to the game that will seldom require a downloadable patch - feedback from the community can be applied to Athena Crisis almost immediately.

Athena Crisis comes with a map editor for those who love crafting custom worlds, and a campaign editor for creating your own adventures. Create, share, and play maps and campaigns with friends and a vast online community, ensuring a constant stream of new challenges. Assemble your forces, defeat your foes, and secure victory not just in your world, but also in the others.