Demon Spore - Coming 2024

By Matthew Rorie


The Thing meets Hotline Miami in the newest title from industry veteran Ed Kay. As a scientist trying to save the world, your creation might actually doom it!

We're happy to announce that we're publishing Demon Spore, an action-horror roguelite game developed by Dinoboss Ltd. that pits you against a lab experiment gone awry as it attempts to escape the facility and the scientists that spawned it.

Inspired by sci-fi monster movies of the 80s, Demon Spore puts you in the shoes of a scientist working at a cutting-edge genetic research laboratory where an experiment is tampered with and a deadly organism is created: a mass of endlessly growing tentacles that threatens to escape the laboratory into the outside world. Will you be the savior of humanity or the cause of its extinction?

You’ll fight the monster through multiple levels of the laboratory, attempting to create your escape route room by room while using the lab equipment to your advantage and building makeshift weapons and technology to fight your way to safety. Using an assortment of guns, lasers, environmental traps, and experimental weaponry, your only hope is to slow down the monster before the lab’s lockdown procedures lock you - and it - inside.

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Key Features

  • Your enemy is an abomination of flesh and tentacles with a taste for organic matter, constantly evolving and adapting, infecting everything: even your fellow scientists can turn against you! Escape each floor before the growth mutates into something even more horrific.

  • Every room has new surprises and tough choices. Do you risk a dangerous encounter to grab new gear? Save a scientist, or cut your losses and run to the exit? If you rescue and protect lab personnel, they may be able to create new technology that will improve your chances of survival.

  • Use any lab tools you can find to slice through the creature’s tentacles, target its weak spots and stunt its growth. Cobble together experimental weaponry and repurpose lab equipment to improvise your way to safety in an ever changing environment.

  • Each room has different threats and different rewards - choose your path wisely to stay one step ahead of the creature. Every time you play you face a different layout but will learn more of the secrets of the lab and how to use them to your advantage to outsmart your enemy.

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