The Demon Spore Steam Next Fest Demo Is Live Now!

By Matthew Rorie


Steam Next Fest gets a little more terrifying with the first hands-on demo for Demon Spore, an action-horror roguelite pulsating with tension as you escape a lab infested by a viral mass of tentacles.

Developed by DinoBoss Ltd. and published by Null Games, in Demon Spore you play as a terrified scientist, scavenging mazes of rooms for tools and makeshift weapons that might offer a shred of hope for survival.

As the sporing mass of flesh and tentacles spread throughout the facility, options begin to fade away, bringing the need for careful planning and improvisation to escape alive. And in true roguelite fashion, the level’s layout changes after each death, meaning no two runs will be the same.

Footage of Demon Spore the game

Demon Spore’s 80s horror and sci-fi inspired demo features the entire first floor and a host of enemies to defeat and weapons to learn. The demo is available now and for all of Steam Next Fest - Monday, Feb. 5 through Monday, Feb. 12. 

Demon Spore also received a deep dive into the gameplay of the demo, which you can watch here!

More on Demon Spore:

  • Well-Intentioned Experiment Gone Awry - Play as a terrified scientist struggling to survive through an outbreak of massively mutated proportions infesting your laboratory after a potentially world changing experiment. What once was a promising cure of mass hunger, has now become humanity’s next greatest threat - and you’re the only person standing between its insatiable appetite and the outside reality.

  • Fiercely Growing Growths - Your enemy is an abomination of flesh and tentacles with a taste for organic matter, constantly evolving and adapting, infecting everything: even your fellow scientists can turn against you! Escape each floor before the growth mutates into something even more horrific.

  • Nowhere is Safe - Every room has new surprises and tough choices. Do you risk a dangerous encounter to grab new gear? Save a scientist, or cut your losses and run to the exit? If you rescue and protect lab personnel, they may be able to create new technology that will improve your chances of survival. 

  • Blast and Smash - Use any lab tools you can find to slice through the creature’s tentacles, target its weak spots and stunt its growth. Wield experimental weaponry and repurpose lab equipment to improvise your way to safety in an ever changing environment.

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