Check Out Our First Null Games Live! Stream

By Matthew Rorie


Null recently launched its inaugural Twitch and YouTube stream! I have spent a not-insignificant amount of my adult life doing goofy things in front of a camera (please do not google this), so it was a pleasure to get back into the swing of things and help show off all the wonderful games that Null has announced so far. If you missed the stream, you can find the archive on our YouTube channel here

In addition to the games showcase (featuring some world-class Tape to Tape gameplay from yours truly), the stream featured a one-on-one interview with our President, Chris Wanstrath, in which he outlined his motivations for founding the company and what we’re hoping to accomplish with Null in the future. 

The big reveal, though, was the announcement of Streetdog BMX, which Null will be publishing in 2024! Streetdog is being developed by Adam Hunt from Yeah Us! Games, who has an extensive background in both real-world BMX biking and making BMX games; you can find out more about his previous Pumped BMX games over on his website!

The stream also may have been your first introduction to FemSteph, who produced the show and hosted alongside me! She’s a regular presence on Twitch and I can’t wait to hop on more streams with her in 2024, which feels like it’s going to be here before we know it. And I’d also be remiss not to mention Drew, Roxee, Sam and the rest of the Null team who all helped provide a lot of support before, during, and after the stream!

Again, take a look at the archive if you missed it, and don’t forget to subscribe to our Twitch channel to be informed when we go live again in 2024. We’ll see you then!